Immortal & Absu – Gramercy Theatre – NYC

Immortal – The sons of northern darkness return to the US.

The sons of northern darkness and the hordes of Blashyrkh descended on the Gramercy Theatre in NYC. In support was the Mythological Occult Metal demigods ABSU.

Immortal did a limited six show tour of the US and we had the honor of catch’ in them in NYC. Immortal are one of the pioneers of the black metal scene dating back to 1992 with the release of “Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism”. They have always stayed true to their roots and have release eight full length albums along with a DVD titled “The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh”.

Opening the show was ABSU with their unique mixture of sound they call “Mythological Occult Metal”. I have been a fan of ABSU starting with their first release back in 1992 entitled “Barathrum: (V.I.T.R.I.O.L.). Which is still ranked as one the top 10 black metal releases on my list right along with Immortal’s “Pure Holocaust”. This is the second time I have seen ABSU live and it’s always amazing to see Proscriptor play the drums and scream out the vocals. The energy this band has on stage will blow you away from start to end they ripped out song after song from their grand catalog of releases. Next time they are summoned to your town go and see them!

Immortal hit the stage and went right into the title track from their newest album “All Shall Fall”. What can be said about them that hasn’t already been said, it’s Immortal! They have been and will always be one of the best black metal bands around; keeping true to their vision and root’s. This is also the second time I have had the pleasure of seeing Immortal live and they were just a powerful and tight as I remember. The first time was back during the “Damned in Black” days in support of Satyricon. Immortal are unique in that they never compromise or change their musick style to become more “radio friendly” like so many other black metal bands have done. They hit you right in the face with a punishing onslaught in honor of the Mighty Ravendark! Immortal’s latest release “All Shall Fall” keeps this tradition going and is a must have to anyone’s collection. This is the best show I have see so far this year. If you missed it, well it sucks to be you \m/.

All Hail the Mighty Ravendark!











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