Halloween Special – Reflections of Peter Steele

October brings all kinds of haunting and wonderful things to the forefront. MPJ reflects on an artist that oozed with Halloween Fun, today’s MPJ Special Featured Artist is Peter Steele. From “Bloody Kisses” to “Dead Again”, Peter and his band Type O Negative created music that expressed all the beautiful dark emotions in a romantic spotlight.

MPJ had the pleasure of working with Peter on several different occasions. From his towering height to a body that could crush you with his pinky, yet Peter Steele was truly one of the nicest men in the Rock N Roll business. Peter actually participated in our first Halloween Edition. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the actual transcript of his story. But here’s his story as I remember…

For Peter’s story, he shared a scary moment from his childhood. He was the youngest of six children– five older sisters. He recalled watching a scary movie with his one sister, where there was a demon grabbing women. Later that night, his sister went out on a date and Pete decided that he was going to scary her. He hid under her bed with a bucket of ice water, where he soaked his hands in to make them cold and clammy. He said he was under her bed for what seemed to be forever before she returned from her date. When she got home, she was in her room, starting to wind down, when he reached out from under the bed and grabbed her leg. Peter scared the crap out of her and his sisters ganged up on him. He said that he had never seen so many high heel shoes coming at him at once. What a joy it must have been to have him for a little brother.

His family and the music community mourned the lost of Peter Steele when he passed away on April 14, 2010. He will live on through his music and through the love of his friends, family and fans.

With Peter’s family, Wicked Clothing released a limited edition Peter Steele Memorial t-shirt which can still be ordered here: www.thewickedstore.com. The family will use the proceeds towards legal fees and expenses related to Pete and to keep Pete’s legacy alive.

We put together just a few of the many great songs that Type O Negative gave us over the years.

Love You To Death
From the album: October Rust (WMG)

Cinnamon Girl
Live on Howard Stern 2000

Christian Woman
From the album: Bloody Kisses

My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend
Live on MTV’s Hangbangers Ball

September Sun
from the Album: Dead Again (SVP Records)

Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare -All)
From the album: Bloody Kisses (WMG)

Everything Dies
From the album: World Coming Down

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