Tesla – Arizona

Article and Photographs by: Courtney Ludwig

Tesla is not just another band, they make a connection with their fans and have a great time while doing so too.  They are awesome individuals too as I had the opportunity to photograph and see Tesla for the first time in concert was very much an experience.

Being able to watch the musicianship and hear the mixes of their instruments and voices together on stage was amazing and even more amazing was the show being acoustic.

The guys that make up Tesla, are very down to earth as they joked and laughed with the audience and Jeff Keith who from time to time would go around and shake a few of the fans hands.  As the stage spun around (that is why its called in the round) as a fan you were able to catch all of them from all views rather than looking at them in the same way the whole show.

Tesla invited the crowd to help sing their songs and finish lines, then they played my most favorite tune of theirs, which acoustically sounded so beautiful.  The whole show being acoustic was amazing as the band seemed more relaxed and every chord, bass note, kick drum, tom tom, keyboard key, etc.. could be heard strong.  These guys portrayed what you w

ould see if some guys were getting together to Jam in one of their buddies garages, no glam, no spandex or cookie monster yelling, just straight up Jeans, t-shirts and rock n roll.






For more information visit: teslatheband.com



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