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Halloween Special – John Falls (Egypt Central)

Egypt Central’s vocalist, John Falls takes us on a journey, as he recalls a scary Halloween moment around his hometown of Memphis TN.

MPJ Halloween Special with Paul of BLACKGUARD

Paul Ablaze, vocalist of the Canadian Metal band, Blackguard shares a Halloween memory bellow.

Halloween Special with MIKE PORTNOY

Mike Portnoy shares with us a memory of a show on Halloween.

Halloween Special – My Darkest Days

In the spirit of Halloween, My Darkest Days share a supernatural experience when they were on the road with Hinder and Saving Abel.

Now that’s one ghost legend I wouldn’t want to challenge. Also in the Halloween Spirit, My Darkest Days is holding a contest where fans send in photos of themselves, dressed up as My [...]

Halloween Special – Ghost stories with 2Cents

2 Cents share a chilling story from the road from when they were on tour with Black Label Society.

Halloween Special – Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob

Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob shares a Halloween memory…

Halloween Special – Trivium

Paolo Gregoletto, bassist of Trivium shares with us a childhood memory where he was the terror of the town.

Halloween Special – Stories with Snake Sabo of Skid Row

The count down to Halloween continues… Today’s featured artist is Dave “Snake” Sabo, guitarist of Skid Row. In the Halloween Spirit, Snake shares with us a ghost story and a childhood memory about trick-or-treating.

Bright ghostly encounter or UFO Aircraft landing light — Snake, you just might be right! There have been several ghostly encounters [...]

Halloween Special – Stories by Oli of All That Remains

Halloween can be a time for shaking in your shoes, but it can also be a time for some stumbling, drunken hilarity! Hear Oli Herbert, guitarist from All That Remains share his Halloween tale of a friend’s costumed encounter with the police…

Halloween Special – Halloween Story by Rick of Adelita’s Way

Halloween Special : Rick from Adelitas Way brings us back down memory lane… One Halloween night as a child…